cve_completed_sJ. Cheeze Photography, LLC, a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

Hi, my name is John Chesebro, for many years now my associates and friends have called me Cheeze, thus the name J. Cheeze Photography. My photographic journey began as a boy when given a Brownie camera, with that was borne a lifelong passion for photography. I joined the US Army in 1965 with a commitment to defend my country. While in boot camp, I bought a used Polaroid Instant Camera at a pawn shop. With the Polaroid, I took candid photos of guys writing home, and then offered to sell them the photograph to send with the letter. This worked quite well and with the profits, I was able to buy a better camera that I used throughout my three years in the army.

My photo 1882webWhen I returned to civilian life and got a job, I was once again able to upgrade my camera equipment to a 35mm film camera. I studied and learned photography, shooting weddings and portraits to make extra money to support my love of photography and pay for all the wasted film used in trial and error. I would have loved to been a professional photographer (a starving artist) but with a beautiful wife and two small children I needed a job that I could depend on to support my family.

Fast forward to today, retirement age and here I am with the time to nurture my passion unabated by other distractions. I tend to use my creative eye and edits when capturing things other people usually look over, whether it be as simple as a leaf on the ground to an abandoned vehicle or barn. I love nature and machinery, and try to capture their beauty in an artistic moody type of way. As a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, it is my desire to sell my art work primarily to VA Hospitals for presentation on their walls and shared with other Veterans. Thank you for taking the time to view my web-site and please remember, “There are no restrictions on my web-suite, you may order as many Photographs as you like, as often as you like.

To contact John, please call 856-905-6262 or email